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By First Distribution Team | 0 Comments | 18 March, 2019

Cloud resellers are often faced with business discussions where the customer isn’t sure if they’re ready
for digitally transforming their businesses. Here are five ways to build customer value and secure
By First Distribution – Natasha Bezuidenhout

We understand that resellers face many of the same challenges: Businesses that are not adopting Azure
(or any Cloud-based solution) because they are not ready to adopt a digital transformation journey;
concerns around the Public Cloud that include security questions; existing contracts with datacenter
providers; the management of local sensitive data; or simply not understanding the requirements for
integrated solutions and a preference to sweat existing assets.
Resellers that are having the same conversations with businesses without seeing different results –
namely Cloud adoption – need to start shifting the conversation from a product or solution-based
discussion to one based on value.
Consider this: A Microsoft Azure reseller aims to save their customers money, while increasing their
productivity. This is meaningless if the customer in question doesn’t understand the value of choosing a
Cloud-based solution.
A different approach doesn’t focus on the Cloud so much as the value a digitally transformed business
can unlock – and critically – the value that you, the reseller, bring to the table.
Begin with Buying Considerations
As an Azure Partner, what are the different considerations that would make your customers consider
adopting the Cloud? Remember, change is painful – we tend to avoid it, particularly if we don’t have a
clear understanding why we should change. The perceived cost of change in particular can often seem
too high.
As a Microsoft reseller however, there are five clear value-adds that you can offer your customers –
provided you’re able to unpack them in line with each customer’s needs and pain points.
1. Demos: Offer best-practice insights that your customers would not otherwise have gained. You
want to unpack major functionality, but more importantly, you want the customer to really
understand how Azure can radically change their business. Demos are an excellent way to
achieve this, particularly with customers who don’t understand the Cloud or are weary of
digitally transforming their businesses.
2. Software: For a customer, choosing the right software is as important as choosing the right
reseller. As a reseller, you should not only be able to adapt key functions of specific software

solutions to customer requirements, but understand their businesses well enough to do so. The
more you can demonstrate how well you understand your customers, their industries, needs
and challenges, the more in-depth your discussion can be around their specific software-
solution requirements. Remember, your customer is the hero in this story – not your solution.
3. Level of partnership: Microsoft partners are classified by their level of expertise, skill, and
proven investment in Microsoft products. The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) has three levels
of membership—Microsoft Action Pack, Silver, and Gold. Ensure this is prominently displayed on
your website as it gives your business credibility at a global level.
4. References: You need to be able to show how many verified installations you have performed in
your customer’s market, particularly ones similar in scope and nature to their business.
Research by DemandGen shows that two-thirds of B2B customers rank industry-specific content
as very important. This is because prospective buyers view, filter and evaluate information
through the lenses of their specific and unique contexts. The more you can demonstrate a deep
understanding of their specific context, the more likely you are to gain a customer’s trust. Azure
competencies are therefore a very important investment when establishing and growing an
Azure Practice.
5. Cost: The longer the process of building an effective, efficient, and custom-made solution, the
higher or greater the reseller’s services costs are passed onto the customer. Ensure your
customer understands the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the entire project and make sure
you honour the schedule you’ve committed to, to complete the process. Help your customers to
work within their budget to implement solutions that meet their requirements while adding to
their overall capabilities. Businesses are built on referrals – solutions that solve key customer
challenges but are delivered to budget and on time will receive high referrals, leading to more

Choose to work with a distributor who supports you
Just as you need to understand your customer, ensure you work with an Indirect CSP Provider who
understands you. Your Indirect CSP Provider should take the time to understand your specific goals,
objectives and support requirements. There should be a range of value-added services on offer as well,
including skills transfer, sales enablement and architecture design support.

First Distribution is the leading value-added distributor in Africa. Our offering includes a product
portfolio of global leading Datacentre, Cloud, Networking and Security products and services. This
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The portfolio, together with highly skilled staff to support and manage vendors with an unrivalled level
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First Distribution additionally hosts one of the largest technology partner-to-partner networks in Africa
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