Race to the CLOUD - What is your Value Proposition


Race to the CLOUD - What is your Value Proposition?

Do you have a promising Value Proposition when including Microsoft CSP?

Thanks to the enhanced technology behind the Microsoft CSP program, partners now have the opportunity to move away from technology and feature-centric discussions with IT stakeholders. Now partners get the opportunity to engage buyers in finance, sales, and marketing departments with conversations that focus on how Microsoft cloud products deliver benefits to the business as a whole.

Creating a strong value proposition is critical to being successful in selling the Microsoft Cloud.



In the past it may have been important to explain that your technology offered a fast way to login and find documents. However today, it’s more important to explain how logging in quickly and finding documents faster can help businesses be more productive. It is therefore critical to position and offer a whole solution that solves specific business challenges oppose to pushing products.

As a Cloud reseller it is imperative to clearly outline a comprehensive activation and onboarding process for your new customers.

The best way to win is by following this simple step-by-step onboarding flow as part of your Go-to-Market:

1. It is critical to welcome your customers.
Ensure you distribute some sort of “Welcome letter ” email that includes clear onboarding instructions.

2. Offer your customers a “onboarding process”
It is critical to get the products provisioned/ordered activated as soon as possible in order to reduce churn rates. Management, deployment and data migration services is a great way in which you can add to your value proposition.

3. Always provide customers with ways to contact you for additional support.
Your support can become part of your SLA’s. Your support team can be in-house or offered via a third-party provider that specialises in support services for Microsoft cloud products.

Take a few minutes and explore the benefits of offering these Microsoft technologies to your customers

Microsoft Azure
Use Microsoft Azure to build a lucrative business with CSP. Learn some of the main ways partners evolve their offerings – by extending your portfolio, or providing managed services on top of Azure.

Office 365
Everybody needs email. Everyone uses documents. With CSP you can bring together multiple services and build high margin revenue streams, attaching additional products and services to your core Office 365 offering.

Enterprise Mobility Suite
Keep your customers productive and their data protected with Enterprise Mobility and Security suite, typically bundled on top of Office 365. Hear the 4 key scenarios partners use to get started.


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