Transform SAP Landscape Challenges with Dell EMC PowerMax

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PowerMax drastically changes long standing assumptions associated with the traditional SAP challenges; in this article we'll find out how.SAP® landscapes are mission-critical environments that require high performance and protection to be able to consolidate production and beyond. Dell EMC’s PowerMax combines the world’s most powerful all-flash array with proven and uncompromising data protection capabilities.


Modern data centers are now characterised by large sets of fast-moving data, highly virtualised systems, fluid workloads and proprietary, feature rich SAP applications and custom applications.


This is all surrounded by teams of software developers and QA specialists who are working with highly agile development models, customising business software for desktop, web and mobile systems. All-Flash data platforms change the playing field for the consumers of IT enterprise resources. PowerMax drastically changes long standing assumptions associated with the traditional SAP challenges of:


  • Landscape complexity and growth
  • Unpredictable software-development cycles
  • Business-application performance
  • Lifecycle management
  • Data protection

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Reduce Landscape Complexity & Manage Growth At Scale


A typical SAP solution landscape can be large and complex. As a business grows over time and new functions are added to the landscape, the infrastructure often requires changes, such as additional storage for performance and capacity.  However, adding more hard disks and tracking your growing storage with spreadsheets is just not sustainable.


With PowerMax you can:


  • Consolidate SAP solution landscapes onto the world’s fastest storage array, delivering up to 10M IOPS and up to150GB/s.
  • Dramatically simplify the design, provisioning and management of storage used by SAP systems.
  • Reduce the energy costs of an ever-growing data footprint while reducing the data managed as a result of highly efficient data reduction intelligence.
  • Instantly provision more copies of more datasets to more applications, yet consume almost zero net-new storage within that process. You can also deliver those copies of data with 100percent of the speed of the parent datasets while ensuring that all of the copies will never negatively impact or degrade the performance of the parent production datasets.


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Improve Development Quality and Productivity


PowerMax can radically reduce the amount of storage required for your overall SAP system landscape, offering

powerful snapshot capabilities that allow developers to have their own environments, whether they are working on

upgrades, new features or urgent fixes. With SNAP/VX technology, these individual environments are created

instantaneously at near-zero cost and near-zero performance impact to the production systems.


In addition, each environment includes a complete dataset (that consumes near-zero space) to help improve

developer efficiency and code quality. With this approach, parallel-development projects can proceed without

painstaking coordination, which helps unlock each developer’s full potential and productivity.


Accelerate Performance for Transactional & Analytical Processes


Traditional SAP systems are designed to optimize performance for online-transaction processing (OLTP) business

apps and functions, such as order to cash and procure to pay. Conversely, IT organizations operate under the

traditional assumption that batch processing, such as online-analytical-processing (OLAP) business processes,

period-end closing and batch input, runs much slower due to large datasets and cache limitations at various tiers.


PowerMax deliver reliable, predictable and highly consistent sub-300 microsecond latency for all I/O types and

application-access patterns. Bring the power of flash to long-running batch processes, complex Extract, Transform

and Load (ETL) processes, and intricate interface operations by accelerating these frequent and critical SAP

operations. As a result, businesses can see dramatic reductions in processing and wait times.




Simplify Lifecycle Management


Scheduled system outages for maintenance and refreshes can eat into productive time. For example, a typical SAP

system landscape refresh or restore of production data to the quality-assurance system (QAS) can take days, and

BDLS runs (a post-copy process step) can take hours, if not days, for some large businesses. PowerMax enables you

to provision SAP systems at previously unseen, lightning fast speeds, while also reducing operational complexity and



CDM (copy data management) snapshot related operations happen instantaneously, and long-running BDLS runs can

finish three-to-five times faster. All this is achieved with zero changes to the database configuration, zero tuning and

zero optimizations to any SAP system or application buffers. The faster that SAP dev, test and QA systems are back

online, the faster regression tests can resume, and the quicker the business can respond.


Provide Enterprise-Grade All Flash Powered Availability and Protection


SAP systems are mission-critical to businesses; therefore, data availability and protection are also mission critical. As

datasets grow ever larger, so do the challenges of ensuring data integrity and protecting against data loss. Traditional

data-protection methodologies make use of tape or disk backups and lacks the level of granularity, flexibility and

agility that businesses require. In addition, different SAP systems require different recovery-point objectives (RPOs)

and recovery-time objectives (RTOs).


PowerMax is equipped with robust and proven data-replication technologies, and they are tightly integrated with the

rich Dell EMC portfolio of data-protection technologies. These features enable a shift from a traditional backup-and recovery model to a high-availability, business-continuity model. PowerMax capabilities include synchronous and

asynchronous replication technologies with SRDF, the predominant replication technology in the market, while

integration with ProtectPoint eliminates impact on backup and application servers and reduces overall complexity.



Get Faster Results


The Dell EMC Ready Bundle for SAP Landscapes delivers compute, networking and storage in a single solution to

reduce the time it takes to realize the benefits of a modern SAP infrastructure. The Dell EMC Servers maximize

application performance with the latest Intel® processors, while highly intelligent PowerMax arrays deliver advanced

storage technologies like compression, deduplication, thin provisioning, SRDF Metro and VMware® vSphere® High

Availability (HA) to enable continuous availability and live migration within an SAP virtual infrastructure deployment.


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