Top 10 Reasons why customers choose Dell EMC PowerMax with NVMe

If you are looking to maximise agility and performance for your data center, then you have come to the right place. In this article we outline the top ten reasons why PowerMax is the right choice for you and your business using NVMe technology.

Accelerate your journey to the Modern Data Center with PowerMax, architected for mission-critical apps and designed with the latest NVMe technology. What are the top ten reasons customers choose PowerMax? Keep reading!


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1. Architecture that is future proof


PowerMax comes standard with a future proof multi-controller architecture with end-to-end NVMe* to maximise performance of modern media (including flash and Storage Class Memory – SCM*). You can buy PowerMax today and non-disruptively add NVMe over Fabric and SCM drives tomorrow.


2. Smart and Intelligent software


PowerMaxOS brings autonomous storage to life with a built-in machine learning engine that is leveraging predictive analytics and pattern recognition to maximize performance with no overhead. Dell EMC already analyzes over 425 billion data sets5 in real time - the only company that can deliver this level of intelligence.


3. Best performance


Its extremely fast, in fact, PowerMax is the world’s fastest storage array1 delivering up to 10 million IOPS2 and 150 GB per second3 with 290 microsecond response times4 for those demanding OLTP, decision support, real-time analytics and virtualized applications.


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4. Optimal storage efficiency


Efficiency is our main focus. With our new inline deduplication and compression technology, plus our high-efficiency snaps and zero-space reclaim, you will see up to 4:1 storage efficiency—guaranteed by Dell EMC. Plus dedupe and compression have virtually no performance impact, work with all data services and can be turned on and off by application. No compromises here.


powermax with NVME


5. Mission-critical availability


When it comes to mission-critical availability, no one does it better than PowerMax. Whether it is proven active-active data center replication, non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades, or the highly resilient no single-points-of-failure architecture, PowerMax delivers 6 nines of availability for mission-critical applications. Avoid unplanned downtime all together with PowerMax!


6. Keep your data protected for life


PowerMax offers incredible security features that keep your data protected for life. To start, data at rest encryption secures every drive and delivers integration with external key managers—enabling customers to simplify security through a centralised key management platform. Access controls and role-based authorisation ensures that only approved personnel manage

PowerMax. And, SnapVX secure snapshots prevent accidental or malicious deletion of your snaps, protecting them until they reach their specified retention period. You can trust that your data is secure with PowerMax.


7. Proven data services


PowerMax isn’t just an enterprise storage array, it’s a lot more. It enables trusted data services such as TimeFinder SnapVX snapshots, SRDF active-active datacenter replication and data at rest encryption. Best of all, PowerMax high value software comes in two simple appliance-based software packages.

Essentials offers local replication, embedded services, migration tools (NDM), compression and dedupe to name a few. The Pro package adds remote replication, path failover, D@RE, SRM and AppSync iCDM advanced. RecoverPoint heterogeneous replication and ProtectPoint can be purchased A la carte.


8. Massive scale and consolidation


Massive may be an understatement. PowerMax scales up to 4 PB of effective capacity to consolidate block, file, open systems, mainframe, and IBM i workloads onto a single platform. This lowers the overall cost of ownership by reducing the physical footprint, power and cooling requirements, and operating expenses.

And with up to 64,000 devices/LUNs, PowerMax arrays have plenty of headroom for replicas, snapshots, and unexpected bursts in storage growth.


9. Easy, non-disruptive migration


But how do you quickly get data to the blazing fast PowerMax array without disrupting your applications? With just three simple steps, Dell EMC’s built-in non-disruptive migration (NDM) allows customers to migrate applications and data from any VMAX array seamlessly. But it doesn’t stop there -- PowerMax offers simplified migration from 3rd party arrays as well.


10. Inspiring loyalty


The Dell EMC Future-Proof Storage Loyalty Program takes the worry out of buying storage. Purchasing PowerMax qualifies for the 3-Year Satisfaction Guarantee, 4:1 All-Flash Storage Efficiency Guarantee, Never-Worry Data Migrations, Hardware Investment Protection, All Inclusive Software and Clear Price Maintenance. Get peace of mind with your PowerMax.


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