Tintri Expands Orchestration and Automation Capabilities


Tintri recently announced a new release of its operating system and expanded orchestration and automation capabilities, simplifying deployment and management of enterprise cloud for organisations and service providers.


Web services framework: Tintri offers a control plane for the orchestration of storage for virtual machines and other storage abstractions. Users assemble new applications by integrating Tintri’s web services architecture into their infrastructure, and then add functionality by leveraging Tintri’s RESTful APIs.

Programmability at the right level: Tintri provides real-time, actionable analytics at the right level for cloud native applications: VM, vDisk, and containers.

Autonomous operation: Tintri provides performance isolation at the VM level with automatic and policy-based quality of service (QoS) for performance tiers. Tintri makes it possible for its customers to guarantee performance of applications automatically without administrative intervention.

Scale: Tintri’s scale-out architecture acts as a single, federated and loosely coupled pool of storage. Customers can grow from one 17TB VMstore up to 10PB and 160 000 VMs - without adding additional IT staff.

Ecosystem integration: Built-in functionality and integration with VMware vCenterTM and Microsoft Systems Center makes it possible for visibility, management and analytics across the entire infrastructure beyond just storage. Tintri also supports multiple concurrent hypervisors—spanning VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, Red Hat Virtualisation and various distributions of OpenStack.


Tintri is expanding its automation capabilities with the announcement of the Tintri VMware vRealize Orchestrator plugin. Tintri’s vRealize Orchestrator Plugin automates many storage operations, such as snapshot, clone, replicate and copy data management at the VM-level. Customers can integrate vRealize Orchestrator into VMware management and automation systems such as vRealize Automation and vCloud Director.

Containers Support

Tintri is introducing support for containers through vSphere Integrated Containers, which will be delivered as part of VMware vSphere 6.5. VMware vSphere Integrated Containers allow VMware customers to transform their business with containers without re-architecting their entire infrastructure, gaining the benefits of container level Quality of Service (QoS) and real-time and predictive analytics.


Tintri Analytics provides customers with cloud-based real time and predictable analytics to improve data center planning and operations.

Public Cloud Integration

New integrations will extend existing on-premises Tintri private cloud deployments into the public cloud. Tintri S3 Connector will natively protect Tintri snapshots to cloud object storage such as Amazon S3 and on-premises object storage such as IBM Cloud Object Storage (formerly CleverSafe).

For the full press release and further information, click here.

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