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The Next Big Networking Tech Disruption According to Riverbed


Director of Platform and Solutions Marketing for Riverbed, Steve Brar, has written a post on the company blog regarding why he thinks that the next big networking tech disruption is happening right now.

Steve writes that "SD-WAN’s time has come. According to recent IDC predictions, the market is set to swell to $6 billion by 2020 — and that’s not the most surprising number. Only 1% of enterprises use SD-WAN today. In the next eighteen months, IDC expects that number to grow to an almost unbelievable 70%."

What is going to sustain such an "insane level of growth" as he puts it?

Reason 1:

Cloud services are now pervasive and reliance upon them is only increasing.

Reason 2:

Companies are trying to keep up with today’s fast-changing digital transformations.

Reason 3:

Businesses are realising that speed is essential, and they’re turning to software to bypass slow hardware constraints.

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