The CSB: A Crucial Component of a Cloud Computing Transition


In his article on Sys-Con Media, Kevin Jackson mentions that the role of the cloud service brokerage (CSB) has become a crucial component of a cloud computing transition, helping organisations aggregate multiple cloud services, integrate services with in-house applications, and customise these services to better meet customer needs.

Not only this, but CSBs also help by consulting and recommending the best fit cloud services according to business requirements and goals, whilst cloud brokers may also be granted rights to negotiate with different service providers on behalf of their customers.

According to Kevin, CSBs perform several functions, including:

- Enable cloud service arbitrage based on cost, performance or operational need;
- Help companies migrate operations to the cloud and assist with staff augmentation and training;
- Provide cloud service auditing and SLA monitoring services;
- Help in focusing and managing organisational cloud service demand;
- Providing toolsets to assist in the migration and integration of enterprise applications; and
- Help in change management and the selection and integration of other managed services.

Kevin sums up:

"As the cloud service brokers market matures, they are destined to replace the traditional system integrator. Maturation of technologies and CSB offerings will also make this service a 'must-have' for the foreseeable future."

* This article has been condensed. To read the full article, click here.

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