RSA Netwitness Suite Redefines SIEM

By Jurie Venter | security, RSA, Security, News | 0 Comments | 22 September, 2017

RSA NETWITNESS SUITE REDEFINES SIEM TO OPTIMIZE SECURITY OPERATIONS Accelerates threat detection and response, provides additional depth of visibility, incorporates business context to help prioritize threats and security incidents Highlights Presents

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Amazon's New Snowmobile: An Exabyte-Scale Data Transfer Service

No this isn't your average hard-drive backup. Assuming your company has a (really) large amount of data which needs to be shifted to the cloud, Amazon's new Snowmobile service will now deliver a truck to your premises. Not just any truck mind. AWS

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IBM's Cognitive Behavioral Biometrics Helping to Protect Against Cybercrime

By admin | security, IBM, Industry, Security, industry | 0 Comments | 18 November, 2016

In the non-stop battle between criminals and the security systems which they attempt to hack, the two parties are driven to develop increasingly complex and advanced solutions in an attempt to thwart the other.

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Encrypting Ransomware Attacks Grew 2.6 Times in Q3 2016

The number of Internet users that encountered encrypting ransomware more than doubled in Q3 2016, reaching 821 865 people, according to the Kaspersky Lab quarterly IT threat evolution report. The number of people attacked has now risen for the third

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Cyberoam to Sophos Migration Webinar

Sophos | Cyberoam announces the launch of SFOSv16 with a technical Cyberoam to Sophos migration session. From 10am to 1pm, Sophos will do a run-through of the Cyberoam migration steps, the licensing impact, SFOS features and some migration FAQ, as well

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Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional Training (CT & JHB)

Sophos is hosting two-day instructor-led training courses on CCNSP (Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional) in Cape Town and Johannesburg in October and November. Date: 12 - 13 October 2016 (Cape Town) 1 - 2 November 2016 (Johannesburg)

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Symantec's New Endpoint Protection Cloud Product Secures SMBs

  Just earlier this month, Symantec introduced Endpoint Protection Cloud, a new solution for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to protect them from targeted attacks and ransomware, giving SMB owners enterprise-grade protection in a solution that can

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Ransomware Protection Now Available Via Sophos and First Distribution

By admin | security, Security, Sophos | 0 Comments | 23 September, 2016

  Ransomware is computer malware that installs covertly on a victim's computer, executes a cryptovirology attack that adversely affects it, and demands a ransom payment to restore it. And it's becoming a greater and greater problem in today's digital

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First Distribution Signs Agreement with Symantec

Distributor Adds Cybersecurity Company to its World-Class Product Portfolio 21 September 2016 Cape Town, South Africa First Distribution, South Africa's leading distributor for datacentre, enterprise and cloud solutions, has announced that it has been

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The Part of Cognitive Business That’s Changing Everything

By admin | security, cloud, Cloud, IBM, Security | 0 Comments | 2 September, 2016

  * This blog post is part of a series by IBM on Cognitive Business Computing * It’s no surprise that the Cognitive Business era is coinciding with the dawn of the Internet of Things. Data growth is enormous now, and IoT will usher

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