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Special Pricing on the Samsung ED65E LED Screen

By admin | Promotions, promotions, specials, Samsung | 0 Comments | 10 November, 2016

  First Distribution has, for a limited time, special pricing on the Samsung ED65E LED screen. The Samsung ED65E commercial grade display is a simple, cost-effective and reliable digital signage solution for your business. It features side connectivity

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First Distribution Offering Vouchers with the Sale of Samsung Screens

First Distribution is running an incentive on certain Samsung screens and is offering VISA vouchers to business partners as per the following: Terms and conditions apply: *  This will be for run rate stock sold during

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Samsung's Mirror & Transparent OLED Displays Available Via First Distribution

  Last year Samsung unveiled new display screens at Retail Asia Expo 2015 which showcased some pretty nifty technology - transparency and reflective (mirror) capability. Although not the first screens to display such technology, the Samsung units are the

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