Recent Shifts for Key Azure Services


First Distribution would like to bring your attention to the fact that there have been several recent shifts for key Azure services, including:

Microsoft Integrates Azure Into SQL Server

The on-premises SQL Server product is still emphasized, but it can work with Azure services that enable ingestion, management, and analysis of relational, non-relational, and unstructured data using popular technologies such as NoSQL and Hadoop.

Architects should evaluate services discussed in the Azure Roadmap such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Data Lake, DocumentDB, and HDInsight for potential database system design and integration benefits.

Azure as an On-Ramp to Machine Learning

New Azure services provide machine learning and artificial intelligence that work with customer Big Data feeds as well as Microsoft’s Bing data and engine to discover and expose insights for tasks such as predictive maintenance, fraud detection, and customer sentiment analysis.

IT departments should evaluate offerings discussed in the Azure Roadmap such as Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Cortana Intelligence Suite, and IoT Suite when building Big Data processing solutions.

Azure Stack Strategy Shifts

Azure Stack aims to address customer demand for infrastructure equivalent to Azure for on-premises use. The company recently announced a change in its Azure Stack strategy, indicating that it will initially be offered only as an integrated hardware and software package from certain vendors (similar to a limited-release product offered several years ago). The Azure Roadmap discusses Stack and the existing Azure Pack on-premises offerings.

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