Nutanix Expands its Cloud Platform

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Nutanix has extended its one-click data centre automation capabilities to include network visualisation, security and orchestration, and has expanded its existing set of APIs.

The company says digital transformation, the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and proliferation of mobile-first apps have triggered a major rethink in the way software is built, deployed and scaled.

Modern applications are being developed with flexible architectures using smaller, more independent modular services. While these new application architectures have improved overall IT agility, they have also exposed a multitude of IT challenges – visibility of application interdependencies for troubleshooting, new security threats and a dearth of unified management tools.


Nutanix has thus developed several new features:

Instant Triage Across the Stack

In addition to delivering valuable, at-a-glance insight into server, virtualisation and storage resources, Nutanix Prism will now provide application-centric visualisation of the network.

Rather than rely on a panoply of tools from different vendors, IT teams get a comprehensive view of the physical and virtual network topology. This includes an intuitive view of how individual virtual machines (VMs) are connected to the physical and virtual network infrastructure, as well as providing detailed health and performance statistics of the network environment.

Built-In Microsegmentation

Tightly integrated into the company’s cloud infrastructure stack, Nutanix Acropolis Microsegmentation Services (AMS) will conduct a stateful inspection, monitor and govern communication flows between individual workloads to provide a more secure application environment.

Application-specific policies will be defined within Nutanix Prism, giving IT teams a unified control plane to manage and secure communications between VMs, container-based applications and microservices running in a common environment. Nutanix AMS can be deployed in just minutes, and will obviate the need to invest in large and complex SDNs to protect the application environment.

Orchestrate Networking and Security Services with One-Click

Nutanix Acropolis provides simple and open APIs that allow for automated policy updates to top-of-rack (ToR) switches, application delivery controllers (ADCs) and firewalls based on application lifecycle events.

This provides Nutanix administrators a streamlined and automated application deployment workflow. Leading switch vendors including Arista, Brocade, Mellanox and Plexxi, as well as security and ADC and security vendors such as Citrix and F5 Networks can now automate network provisioning and modify policies in real-time based on application and IT lifecycle changes.

Network visualisation and the initial set of APIs for network orchestration will be available by January 2017, whilst the remaining capabilities are under development.

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cloud, Cloud, Industry, Nutanix, industry

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