New Flash and Hybrid Cloud Technologies from IBM


IBM Accelerates Cognitive Application Growth in the Cloud with New Storage Solutions

On 2 November 2016 IBM Storage announced the following new flash and hybrid cloud storage technologies for both traditional and next generation infrastructures:

*  IBM Spectrum Virtualize transparent cloud tiering enables hybrid cloud capability for almost 400 storage systems from IBM and others, freeing storage resources for more productive business needs.

*  New IBM DS8880 high performance flash delivers 2x better performance and 3x more efficient use of rack space for mission-critical applications on IBM z Systems and IBM Power Systems.

*  IBM Storwize family flash enhancements deliver up to 8x larger systems, one of the most scalable in its class, with up to 32PB of flash capacity in only 4 racks, supporting growing cloud workloads while limiting use of space in constrained data centers.

*  New IBM DeepFlash Elastic Storage Server offers up to 8x better performance for big data and analytics workloads using file and object data.

*  IBM Spectrum Scale cloud data sharing enables IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Cloud Object Storage to share data in the cloud without moving it, enabling cognitive applications to access data wherever it is located in the manner they find most effective.

Look for additional information and education materials posted to the Systems and Storage announcement page on PartnerWorld.

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