Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes customer management and sales more efficient

By admin | News | 1 Comment | 12 March, 2018

We have spoken previously about how you can solve nearly all of your sales problems with a CRM. But not all customer relationship management systems are created equally. In many cases, a CRM could merely just be a marketing automation platform with limited customer relationship management capabilities.

As a result, a fully-fledged CRM is difficult to come by when the market is dominated by so many competitors.  However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an all-together different kind of CRM that sets itself apart from the rest. Find out why by reading more below.

The business benefits of adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365

Accelerate your business’s digital transformation

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you give your business the best shot by accelerating your digital transformation. Dynamics 365 breaks down the barriers between CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

It achieves this through utilisation of big data and data-powered intelligence. With this powerful functionality, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is able to assist you in getting new leads, nurturing prospects and converting customers at the bottom of your sales funnel. Watch the video below, for a more in-depth overview:

Drive sales and convert leads

With the CRM capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you empower your sales team and sales reps with powerful insights into customers and leads with in-depth insights. This helps to personalise customer relations, ascertain customer needs and overall increases sales, and your bottom line.  The marketing functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable you to create and nurture lead across multiple channels until you have sales-ready leads. Align sales and marketing teams with the ability to prioritise leads, automate hand-offs between your marketing and sales and teams, and track the whole process within Dynamics 365. Ultimately, you will be able to improve your marketing ROI and make smarter decisions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 with deep customer insights and marketing performance tracking.

Earn long-term customer loyalty with effective customer service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets you exceed the expectations of your customer base. Your sales team is able to easily able to assist customers and offer personalised customer experiences. Customers can be engaged on any channel or device regardless. Customer service is delivered fast and furious to match increasing customer demands.

Data and machine intelligence help you learn from every interaction to refine the customer service process even more so that errors and mistakes never rear their ugly heads. Dynamics 365 is mobile and on-the-go meaning your sales team can offer support and service from any location, device and adapt to any situation.

For more insights into all that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has to offer book a consultation with First Distribution. Learn why Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation intelligent business application and CRM for your business.


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