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Accelerate the speed of doing business with Pastel on Azure.

Save your business time and money by moving to the Cloud. By hosting Pastel on Azure and accessing it over the internet, there’s no need to buy, set up, configure, or maintain dedicated Pastel server hardware on your premises. This, in turn, reduces the overall complexity of your internal IT environment and allows you to adopt a managed IT service approach instead of employing full-time IT people.


Azure eliminates the redundancy of updating and maintaining systems, allowing you more time and money to invest in your core business strategies. Pastel on Azure offers more flexibility, reliability and security, providing real-time access to systems and data from a variety of devices that can be accessed anywhere, at anytime.
Businesses worldwide are changing the way they deploy and consume software, moving away from on-premise applications to the more convenient and cost-effective cloud options. With the new end-to-end cloud-based product called Pastel on Azure - Powered by First Technology. It’s everything you love about Pastel’s accounting software, delivered directly from Microsoft’s Azure cloud, bringing you all of the benefits of the cloud and eliminating many of the drawbacks of an on-premises accounting solution.
At the end of the day, Pastel on Azure Powered by First Technology gives businesses exactly what they need from their accounting package - results – without bogging them down with unnecessary complexity.
Businesses can now pave the way to digitally transform their operations by streamlining infrastructure, delivering cost savings and focusing on value-add customer experiences.

About First Distribution

First Distribution is the leading value-added distributor in Africa. Our offering includes a product portfolio of global leading Datacentre, Cloud, Networking and Security products and services. This embraces hybrid solutions with access to any combination of on premise, private cloud and public cloud end-to-end solutions from multiple vendors.The portfolio, together with highly skilled staff to support and manage vendors with an unrivalled level of expertise, ensures that our partners have the key elements required for success. First Distribution additionally hosts one of the largest technology partner-to-partner networks in Africa allowing partners to extend the reach of their solutions across the continent. Visit to find out more.


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