How First Distribution is helping East African Azure resellers access greater marketshare

Tellistic Technology Services is a technology-solutions business with a deep expertise in Microsoft Azure solution architecture, application infrastructure and monitoring, and analytics that help their clients boost efficiencies while driving down risk and cost.


Operating in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda, Tellistic’s customer promise is, ‘We solve client problems’ which meant it was essential to work with a Microsoft partner whose ethos not only aligned with their own, but whose support structure could support Tellistic’s growth.


Helping resellers to access greater market share


“At First Distribution, our goal is to help our resellers access greater market share,” says Natasha Bezuidenhout, Microsoft Brand Executive at First Distribution, Africa’s largest Cloud distributor. “Strong partnerships and certified architectures assist our resellers in growing their customer relationships and migrating more customers to the Cloud.

“We believe that lower infrastructure costs, access to enterprise-level technology solutions and an affordable way to compete with the largest organisations on the planet give SMEs an edge they didn’t have before.

“We therefore specialise in helping our partners guide their customers in how to use Azure technology to improve operational efficiencies and productivity, helping them scale not only in Enterprise segments but also enabling SME-focused growth strategies.”

A customer-centric, solutions-oriented approach

In its drive to solve client problems, Tellistic has three key areas it focuses on when choosing the right technology:

  1. Regional availability: Microsoft has made regional data center expansion a high priority in its offering, including the recently launched Africa datacentre
  2. Consistent and reliable hybrid Cloud: Tellistic’s customers are always looking to optimize their existing on-premises assets while taking advantage of the Cloud to drive scale at an affordable rate
  3. Options for developers: Due to the options provided by Microsoft Azure, developers are able to quickly go from concept to finished product in a cost-efficient manner

Choosing to work with First Distribution aligned with Tellistic’s focus on Microsoft Azure and Office 365, as well as its customer-centric, solution’s oriented approach.

“Our market has recently been adopting Cloud-based solutions and a large number of our customers are developers and startups who are looking for an affordable platform that allows them to be more productive, is secure and that can scale as their grow their user base,” explains Tonia Kariuki, a partner at Tellistic Technology Services.


“We wanted to work with a company that would allow us to onboard these startups on our technology offerings without requiring a huge upfront investment. We also needed to allow them the flexibility to innovate while creating and deploying the cloud services they are developing.


“The partner we chose needed to offer the right price point and extended payment terms to support these future growth enterprises of the African continent as well – this was essential.”


Quick and efficient onboarding of clients

In response to Tellistic’s specific requirements, First Distribution offered them Microsoft Azure, which, with its IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings, allows a more productive and cost-efficient platform, which in turn drives up ROI for Tellistic’s customers.

“First Distribution’s offering includes the ability for us to set up a webstore, hosted by First Distribution, that provides quick discovery by our customers,” says Kariuki. “The webstore gives us the ability to sell Cloud services, as well as set up additional services like consulting and support.”

First Distribution’s in-built services, the ability to use any development tool and development language, including Open source, and both teams’ comfort with Agile implementation methodologies ensured that Tellistics could quickly and efficiently onboard its clients.

“We look forward to driving more impact for our customers with additional intelligence offered by the Azure platform, including machine learning and cognitive APIs,” adds Kariuki.

Achieving exceptional ROI

The results have been beyond expectation. Tellistics’ clients are able to utilize the language, framework, and third-party applications they are most familiar with and that their particular needs require. “We have found that we are able to guarantee them an integrated environment in which to create, test and deploy their Cloud-based applications,” says Kariuki.

“In addition, due to the flexible, seamless billing and account management platform provided by First Distribution, we are able to really differentiate our offerings. We have always been looking for a partner that wants to grow with us and our customers and with First Distribution, we have found that.

“We’ve had an increase in customer referrals from our existing customers, leading to growth in our software development practice. Our current referral rate is up 200%. In addition, we are finding that the adoption of additional services that we can offer our customers is also growing.”


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