How A CRM Can Solve Your Sales Problems

By admin | News | 0 Comments | 09 March, 2018

In our previous blog post, we talked about how you can easily track your sales pipeline. We discussed how salespeople can effectively manage their sales pipeline to better benefit overall ROI and their bottom line.

One of the biggest discussion points was how software can eliminate many of your customer relationship management issues in one foul swoop. Nowhere are sales and business issues bigger than in small to medium-sized businesses. There could be new customers on-boarded, profits are looking slim and your competition could be taking away your market share. CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) is the solution.

So, how exactly does CRM solve your sales problems? Let’s explore.

Organise your unorganised database:

CRM software makes it easy to have all your customer and sales data organised in one singular platform. This means data is safe and centralised regardless of who joins and leaves your business or company.

Minimise client communication issues:

CRM also centralises all your client communications such as email and instant messages in one place and makes it simple for managers to keep an eye on their sales teams’ communications. In the process, cultivating and maintaining customer relationships is far more effective. Easily call, message and email a client without needing to switch platforms and tools as everything you need is integrated into one platform.

Data management is effective and helps your sales:

With a CRM, all your essential sales and marketing data is often backed up by a cloud solution, so that you can access all your important contact data on-the-go securely and efficiently from numerous devices. With the cloud, all your data is secure so that if desktops, laptops or mobile devices fail your data is safe and can be restored via the CRM.

Gives you an overall picture of your sales activities:

CRMs help to provide you with a single view of all your marketing and sales activities through a variety of dashboards that often give you real-time data on overall sales and marketing performance. See all of your customer’s information from across all deal stages easily within a CRM dashboard.

Transparency between sales and marketing teams:

CRM software aids in the alignment of sales and marketing teams around common business goals. CRM provides transparency by giving marketing and sales teams whole views of the sales funnel and records of all client interactions. This level of transparency where everyone knows what the business goals are, the set-up of the sales funnel and ultimately their responsibilities reduces friction between sales and marketing teams.

With these many benefits, any small to medium business with a growing customer base will eventually need a CRM to deal with all the impending customer relationship management issues they’ll face. Implementing a CRM should be your business’s next move.

Alternatively, you can download our eBook 6 Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Business with CRM for more insights into the benefits of CRM.


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