Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Still Growing Rapidly

Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to grow rapidly, as evidenced by Amazon's third quarter results released yesterday.

In fact, AWS remains a bright spot in Amazon's portfolio as the retail giant posted disappointing Q3 financial results.

AWS earned $3.2 billion in revenue, up nearly 55 percent year-on-year. Its operating income alone came to $861 million, more than three times the operating income of Amazon's North American e-commerce business.

"This" as Barb Darrow writes for "seems to indicate an almost insatiable demand from businesses that want to offload computing and storage tasks to third-party providers, rather than build more of their own data centers."

Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky highlighted ways Amazon continues to invest in AWS, as competition from deep-pocketed companies like Google and Microsoft grows.

Tools like the Database Migration tool and AWS Schema Conversion tool help companies move from on-premise or hybrid environments to AWS, he noted. There's also AWS' recently announced partnership with VMWare, which will enable customers to run VMware’s cloud software on Amazon infrastructure.

"We'll continue to react to customer needs, and that will include opening up new regions," Olsavsky said.

After opening its Ohio region, AWS now operates 38 availability zones across 14 technology infrastructure regions globally, and plans to open an additional nine availability zones in four regions (Canada, the UK, France, and a second region in China) in the coming months.

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