Getting Acquainted with Huawei's FusionServer RH2288H V3

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Huawei's FusionServer RH2288H V3 is the new-generation high-performance 2U 2-socket rack server with a high-efficiency design for excellent computing, ultra-large local storage capacity, and flexible resource expansion. An indispensable solution for Internet, big data, key enterprise applications, cloud computing, high-performance computing (HPC),

and telecom industries.

Outstanding Computing
Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 processors plus up to 24 DDR4 DIMM slots and 9 PCIe slots Support NVMe SSD disk.

High Energy Efficiency
Exclusive Dynamic Energy Management Technology (DEMT), power capping, high-voltage DC power supply, PID-based cooling and fan speed control.

Ease of Management
Touchscreen diagnosis panel for fast fault locating.

Flexible Expansion
Local storage capacity adapts to 8–28 disks and supports 12-GB SAS disks for high-bandwidth transmission of big data.

For more information on the above, or any other of First Distribution's Huawei enterprise products, please contact Donna Mostert / Shannon Moodley on (011) 540 2640.

Servers, servers, huawei, Huawei

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