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IBM Spectrum Computing: Faster Insights in Big Data Environments

IBM's Spectrum Computing platform, which uses intelligent workload and policy-driven resource management to optimise resources across the data centre, on premises and in the cloud, now offers new cognitive, resource-aware scheduling policies that help increase the utilisation of existing compute


This enables users to control costs while speeding results for high performance computing, big data analytics, new generation applications and open source frameworks, such as Hadoop and Apache Spark.

IBM Spectrum Computing software includes IBM Spectrum Conductor, IBM Spectrum LSF and IBM Spectrum Symphony. Spectrum Conductor was developed over two years through the collaboration of IBM developers and clients focused on accelerating next-generation analytics, and the software manages multiple applications at one time ensuring allocation of resources to achieve faster time to results. Highly-efficient, multi-tenant scheduling allows for data and resource sharing without compromising availability or security.

Recognising the vital role of open source software to the technical community, IBM intends to contribute a key component of IBM Spectrum Conductor to further advance the adoption of Apache Spark by data scientists and developers.

Software to Achieve Faster, More Predictable Insights

Designed to Speed Analysis of Data – IBM Spectrum Conductor works with cloud applications and open source frameworks, speeding time to results by enabling increasingly complex applications to share resources, all while protecting and managing data throughout its lifecycle.

Integrates Apache Spark – IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark simplifies the adoption of Apache Spark, an open source big data analytics framework, while delivering up to 60 percent faster analytical results.

Accelerates Research and Design –  IBM Spectrum LSF  is a comprehensive workload management software featuring flexible and easy to use interfaces to help organisations accelerate research and design by up to 150 times, while controlling costs through advanced resource sharing and improved utilisation.

For more information on IBM's Spectrum Computing software, get in touch with Ashley Mosala on (011) 540 2640, or email ibmsoftware@firstdistribution.com

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