What Makes Motorcycle Racer John McGuiness So Fast?

By admin | big data, Big Data, EMC, Videos, videos | 0 Comments | 10 May, 2016

Perhaps you have heard of a very famous motorcycle race called the Isle of Man TT?

Hosted annually on the Isle of Man, it has been dominated in recent years by legendary racer, John McGuiness. A racing legend with countless victories, including 23 wins at the grueling Isle of Man TT course, John recently piqued the interest of EMC, who decided to use big data in an attempt to learn what makes him the fastest man on two wheels around the famous course.

Using sensors to measure a multitude of variables on John and the bike, and then comparing them to results obtained from a test subject, EMC was able to crunch the numbers in their big data environments and come up with some hard evidence why John is able to be so fast on the bike.

big data, Big Data, EMC, Videos, videos

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